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 Jackie McDonnell "Yogi" Jackie McDonnell "Yogi" - Yogi is a triple crowner. She hiked the AT in '99 & attempted the PCT in '01. (Broke her foot). She returned in '02 to complete the PCT, returned again in '03 to gather info for her PCT Handbook. Then did the CDT in '04. Excellent journaling style. It's too bad we never met her on the trail in 2002, as she seems like a wonderful person. Email Yogi
 Liz and Simon Willis Simon and Liz - This intrepid couple hopped the pond to hike the PCT (they live in England). As a reporter for the BBC, Simon brought a keen eye, inquisitive nature and flair for writing, to the trail. We hooked up with them in Kennedy Meadows and missed them when they had to fly back to England, mid-trip. They returned and completed the trail on Oct 3rd. Read their journal (and about their new adventures). Email Simon
 Linda Jeffers "Gottago" Linda Jeffers "Gottago" - In 2001, Linda hiked the JMT. In 2002, at 55, Linda thru-hiked the PCT. We met up with her on the top of Forrester Pass, at a tad over 13,000 feet ASL. We had an interesting descent in the late afternoon sun, post-holing up to our hips and getting stuck in the snow. She's a strong hiker, an amazing person and wouldn't you know, she's hooked on thru-hiking! Read all her journals! Email Linda
Glenn & Brian & ??? Glenn Fleagle & Brian Piepergerdes "Fiddlehead" & "Pieps" - On Oct 14, 2001 these guys began their "triple crown" quest (hike the 3 big long trails in one shot - the AT, CDT and PCT).   Their itinerary has them beginning the PCT in late March, finishing sometime in the middle of July.  Dedicated website.   Email them
Sheltowee Daniel Rogers "Sheltowee" - Dan is on a 6-year, 24,000-mile hike around the continental U.S.  He started on Aug 24, 2001, in Ohio and is slowly making his way to the PCT (Phase III of a 12-phase journey).  His web site has photos and journal entries from his grand adventure.  His PCT start date is around the end of April and we expect to see him on the trail.  Go Dan!   Email Daniel
JournalDanMcGuire.jpg (5617 bytes) Dan McGuire - Dan is starting his PCT thru-hike on April 26th.  He is from Sausalito, California.   Dan's online journal is hosted by trailjournalsEmail Dan
John Brennan John Brennan "Cupcake" - John is starting his PCT thru-hike on April 24th.  He is from Santa Cruz, California.  John has a nicely designed, dedicated PCT website. John has an excellent 2002 hiker photos section, on his website.   Email John
JournalBradley.jpg (9145 bytes) Bradley Skinner "Bed Bug" - A 25-year-old Londoner, who hiked the AT in 2000, is joining the class of 2002 and thru-hiking the PCT.   His online journal is being hosted by PCThiker.com.   Email unkown
JournalSpurReady.jpg (7532 bytes) Susanne & Chris "Ready & Spur" - Susanne & Chris have hiked the AT and will be hiking the PCT this summer.  We don't know if they'll be keeping a 'real-time' PCT journal, but you can visit their web site for their AT journal entries and photos.  Email Chris
JournalCheryl.jpg (7004 bytes) Cheryl Ibarra "Lady Leaper" - So what possesses an almost 50-year-old, middle class, mother of two teenagers, to leave a cozy home and husband of 25 years to hike the PCT? Read her journal and find out for yourself.   She has thru-hiked the AT in 2000 and hails from Huntsville, Alabama.  Email Cheryl
JournalBrent.jpg (9061 bytes) Brent Lennox - Brent is from Eugene, Oregon.  He's hiking the PCT this summer because he's run into a fork in his life and wants to take some time out, to figure some things out.  There is plenty of time to think about life's priorities when hiking 2,650 miles!  Read his online journal.  Email Brent
JournalMags.jpg (2575 bytes) Paul Magnanti "Magaroni" - 28-year-old self proclaimed 'hiker-trash', who thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in '98, is at it again on the PCT.  Nicknamed 'magaroni' (must be cheesy?!), he's leaving his Colorado home and heading further west.   Paul is solo hiking and his start date: April 20th (approx).  Until then: Email Paul
No Pic Available "Blackhawk & Strawberry Girl" - These musicians tackle the PCT. Follow along on their adventure.  Start date unknown.  Email unknown