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Plan Your Hike Plan Your Hike - A website for thru-hiker hopefuls. Ton of planning information (including info on nearly 100 resupply points). Also a good list of PCT-related movies, videos, podcasts and hiker journals (including ours). Austin & Niki have put together a great PCT planning resource!
PCTA Logo Pacific Crest Trail Association - Their mission is to preserve, protect and promote the PCT for the enjoyment of education and adventure of hikers and equestrians.  Useful site with information, links, articles and other PCT-related topics.  Membership $35 includes a newsletter and trail maintenance opportunities.  Great organization!  Thanks!  (Get your thru-hike permits here)
PCTHiker Logo PCT Hiker com - Web site for Pacific Crest Trail hikers. Site has great Flash! PCT map, hiker registry (meet some other 2002 thru-hikers), online journals, photography, gear reviews, discussion and much more.  The site is nicely designed.  This is where I got instructions to build our "Pepsi-can Stove" ... it runs on denatured alcohol and costs pennies to build. 
Photo by Stephen Martin National Scenic Trails Mailing List - Five years ago, Ryan Brooks started the Appalachian Trail email list, "AT-L".  Since then, the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, North Country Trail and Florida Trail have all been added. The list provides a daily email discussion between members, regarding topics pertinent to a trail.  A must read info for thru-hikers.
TrailQuest Logo TrailQuest - Web site with information about the 3 long trails of America's National Scenic Trails System: The Appalachian Trail (AT), The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and The Continental Divide Trail (CDT). The site has journals, ultralight products and lots of info.  It's a large site, use their site-map for easier navigation.
PCT Planner Logo Craig's PCT Planner - Planning a PCT hiking schedule is time consuming. This program, written by Craig Giffen, simplifies the process.  Choose resupply locations, determine how many trail days between resupply, estimate arrival dates, adjust your hiking speed based on terrain, and gather addresses of each post office that you will be using.  Awesome Craig.   THANKS!!
BLight Logo BackpackingLight com - This site promotes a lighter alternative to "traditional" backpacking philosophies and gear.  If you are interested in ultra-light backpacking, as espoused by Ray Jardine and others, then this site is a good place to begin.  Gear reviews, testimonials, forums, and other tools can be found at the site.
ThruHiker Logo Thru-Hiker - Thru-Hiker provides gear and resources for long distance hikers.  Here you'll find information and projects written by experienced long distance hikers and the lightest gear on the Internet.  The site is maintained by Paul Nanian.