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We reached Manning Park Sept 17th!

While we were hiking, we used the yellow hiking symbol and map below to track our progress. Web-readers who were following our hike (we had 200+ signed up for updates) would read journal entries that we posted from trail-towns.  Note: Click on a state to pull up a detailed shaded relief map showing the trail in a new window.  Cool.
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                           New Westminster - Sunday, January 27, 2002
    This Canadian/American couple met while cycling across the U.S. - Now they are backpacking 2,600 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail - And they think this stuff is FUN?!  Are they crazy?
Most people barely venture from their couch and when they do, they take the car and stay in a motel.  Backpacking for six months and spending each night sleeping on the ground is not their idea of fun.  But Rachel & Scott are cut from unique cloth. 
Their journey begins on the Mexican border on April 15th, 2002 and they will follow the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) to Canada, some 2,650 miles in all.  The PCT is one of America's National Scenic Trails (see map).  It travels through the hot Sonoran & Mojave deserts, and crosses over the spectacular High Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges.  It can be days between water supplies in the desert and the High Sierra trail crosses 200 miles of wilderness, unbroken by roads.  Over it's length, the trail crosses 33 Federal Wildernesses, 24 National Forests, 7 National Parks and 5 State Parks.
    Can't take 6-month off?  Backpacking 2,600 miles isn't your bag?  If you have a computer, you can live vicariously by following their trip on the web.  Their web-site has a map marking their current location, an online journal, a guest book, oodles of info about the trail, their preparations for the trip, and to top it off - you can add your email to an update list - and receive emails when they update the site from the trail.
What motivates these people?
I've dreamed of hiking the PCT since 1983," says Scott (42), an American and 'retired' geophysicist, "I never took the time for myself.  I went straight from high school, to college, to grad school and then work.   I'm ready to play & travel.  This time is for us."
For Rachel (31), a Canadian who's quitting her job as a correctional officer to do the hike, the PCT isn't her dream, but it's grown on her.  "I live for backpacking, hiking, cycle-touring and other such adventures," she says.  "I was going to take a two-year leave of absence from work to share Scott's dream of adventure and travel, but with the recent Provincial government cutbacks, it made more sense to quit."
    It makes sense to quit? Not everyone would feel comfortable about quitting their job to hike and sleep in the dirt.
    Rachel and Scott are known as "thru-hikers" and are a special part of the culture of the PCT.   Thru-hikers are the determined few who hike the trail in one trip.   This takes dedication, good planning & physical conditioning.  They must make arrangements to have food and other supplies shipped to them along the way.   Rachel and Scott are making and packaging their own meals by dehydrating dinners, beef jerky, fruit leathers, and soups.  Thru-hikers often experience a deep spiritual effect during their long long trip.  The thru-hiker absorbs the environment and becomes one with it.  It's a special bond that connects all such hikers.
Rachel and Scott met while cycling in a 3,250-mile charity bicycle ride that benefited the American Lung Association, in 1999.  That event was called the "BigRide".  They were married a few months ago and it's fitting that their honeymoon is a hike of the PCT & affectionately called the "BigHike".
To read more about this intrepid couple, visit their web-site at the following URL:  http://www.randsco.com.  
   "We love receiving emails from people," says Rachel, "It's really uplifting to receive mail on the trail."
"Shoot," adds Scott, "It would be great for people to mail us snailmail letters, notes or -better yet- "care" packages along the way!"  
A care package usually contains homemade cookies, candy or other goodies that thru-hikers relish.  Even if you don't hike 2,600 miles this year, you can give Rachel & Scott your support by sending some goodies their way (see the itinerary).
Snowfields, mosquitoes & bears - oh my! 
Some honeymoon!
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